Saturday, October 23, 2010

2010-10-22 Osprey at Stoney Creek

Judy and I dropped by Stoney Creek to see a special grebe.

On the way up my cell phone rang, and Ed Lewandowski said was going birding. He joined us at the Stoney Creek boat launch. We saw lots of birds on the other side of the lake (Winter Cove), so off we went. Ed decided to stop at the Shore-fishing access for a quick look. Often it is good place. Nothing in the immediate vicinity, but we were closer to the rafts of birds at Winter Cove. Optics revealed hundreds of coots - whew! Also a few other goodies mixed in (Redhead, Bufflehead, Scaup, and regular grebes).

Just then Ed saw a flying dot – a flash of white! Eagle? Osprey? It came closer and closer! Yes! Closer please! We were treated to a wonderful experience with the Osprey circling our area for quite a long time. It dove twice in our cove. Alas it missed a catch!

I did not.

For other pics see:

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(I still get goose bumps from pic 9655 where the bird has talons unfurled and ready, and I took the pic. Lucky!)

I shot about 200 pics and I am so happy some turned out. If nothing else, my other pics are informative as to flight movements. Quite interesting! I’ll probably post more later.

Ed always seems to be not only my mentor, but also a lucky charm! Thanks Ed!!! Another great day!

Nice to see an Osprey at Stoney! I do not believe they have nested at the pond along the Osprey Trail for a few years.


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