Monday, October 18, 2010

2010-10-07 Hawkwatch at LEMP and Sterling TVs


Dropping my notes to Mich Birders as a placeholder to get this into the right blog month and sequence -  I'll finish later....

I  just gotta write a blog about today, but do not hold your breath! I think y’all sense how far behind I am! It will come after sufficient gestation. It is just too much fun “doing” right now!

On the other hand, I just want to share a few pics I got this afternoon.

Judy and I went to the hawk watch at LEMP and met some really great birders! We learned a lot! Thanks to all!!!

Mostly the birds were not too exciting. One kettle of Turkey Vultures passed over, but I would have never even seen them except for loaned lenses and excellent directions. Even then, they were just “dots in the sky”. These watchers are truly amazing! “Look over the A-frame”, “look over the mustard house”, “look over the stacks” – say what? Where? Oh, come on!

Yet, after “tuning in”, yes there are birds there!

Anyway, we were still looking for our first more personal “kettle” of big birds when we left to check out new places for other birds in the area. After a few places and much walking around, we settled at Sterling State Park for lunch. As we exited the car, I saw a bunch of “dots” over the far hill, and had time to grab my camera. The birds proceeded to come closer and actually flew right over head! I just processed a few now to share. The overhead pics are on another card (why is it that every time something exciting happens, I need to change cards? It’s certainly not like they are 36 exposure rolls!!!)

Check out (do “next” to see all 3 pics):

And, that was it. We never saw another bird during lunch! As we say: “You never know”!

It made our “watch day”. We have seen a few TVs in the sky at one time before, but never going somewhere together!

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