Monday, April 17, 2017

Spring forth and Go Birding

When we last left the intrepid budding birder "Dr. Bob", he was announcing that he was on hospice. At this time, I want to mention that I am still extant and still birding, albeit more limited in scope. Mostly watching and photographing  my deck birds. Last spring and summer was the best ever for watching birds at the feeders. Call it serendipity, or a special gift to one in need, but whatever it was glorious! And, of course, I had much more time watching the deck birds rather than visiting other spots. I have been intending to produce a long photo-filled post on this - and still do - but for now I want to drop a couple pics to grab your attention, but basically just send two messages: 1) my
status update and 2) notification of this year's Biggest Week.

White-breasted Nuthatch

Rose-breasted Grosbeak male
1) I "graduated" from hospice on January 3 this year. Meaning that I did not fit the rigorous criteria suggesting passing in six months. Cool! I firmly believe it was through the hospice team that helped me get better as opposed to what is normally expected. Hospice does not treat or try to heal the affliction (in this case my lungs), but combining my positive attitude (mentioned in last post) with the support team (nurses, care givers, social worker, maintenance meds delivered by Fed Ex, delivery of durable medical equipment (DME) (like oxygen), even a musical therapist who came every couple weeks to play guitar for me! And yes, I was going to write a separate blog of the experience but have yet to do so. Switched to another program for DME and mostly home bound. So, anyway, I am still here. Watching for first spring arrivals. Hummer and oriole feeders out, but no takers yet. "Fur feeder" (alpaca fur in a suet cage) out for nest builders.

And I also want to thank all the others friends, family, and angels helping me in these tenuous difficult times! Really keeps the positive energy going!!!

2) I want to plug the Biggest Week in American Birding at Magee Marsh. Click the link for info. This has been our favorite annual trip for a few years, and I was honored enough to be an official blogger for the event. Please look at the list of my prior posts and click a couple to read my rambles. Go bird and explore there! Not just the boardwalk at Magee Marsh, but so many other areas nearby. Besides the birds it really is "family". A community of really great people with the same passion.

Here is one example of a past post. You can click on the year and titles on the right side of my main blog page to see others.

I hope to soon be a bit more active in posting my birdie pics. Just last week had cataract surgery on my second eye and the world is not only in better focus, but also so much brighter. Amazing difference. The prednisone (steroid) I have been taking really clouded my cataracts very quickly so working on computer was quite difficult.

Spring forth! Go bird!