Thursday, January 7, 2010

8-point Great Blue flyover

I took a walk today before the snow started falling. From the weather radar I knew it would be about an hour before it started to turn white and wanted to get out while I could. I thought maybe the birds would be really active sensing it. Maybe they were - the "goldilocks" really hit the feeder hard!

I did not see much along the river, but I did see an 8-point buck on the other side. Just about the same time, I saw a Great Blue Heron fly over - heading ENE over Middle Bend. Really cool! (Silly bird should be in Florida, but then again, it is not much warmer right now...)

I saw a dozen mallards in the river by Anne Maries' place, and two dozen at Middle Bend. That's about it.

But I'll happily take a walk for a buck with a GBH flyover anytime!!!

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