Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010-01-22 Walking with woodpeckers

I took a walk around Streamwood on the river side about 1:00 -2:00 pm. It started out rather barren and uninteresting. But "you never know".

By the end of the walk, I had encountered the following:

The most interesting thing was seeing a Great Blue Heron flyover - amazing! Same place and about the same time as I had mentioned previously! Does he do it every day??? This is the third time in as many walks this happened!

Otherwise the best stuff were the woodpeckers. I shot Red-Bellied, Downy, and especially note worthy was the Hairy who demanded attention by beating on a dead stump along the trail. I was able to get several fine pics!!! (pics later...) I do not see Hairy too often!

Goldfinches - a couple dozen near feeder areas
Titmice - 2
Cardinals - 8 (both male and female)
Mallards at Upper Bend, Middle Bend, and along the river in front of Nancy's place (no doubt they like the droppings from her feeders and were just resting)
Hawk sp. (heard)
Doves - 10
Jays - several
Chickadees - a few
and a White-breasted nuthatch

Not bad at all starting with no activity! "You never know".

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