Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beaudette Park bird signage project

I have been working off and on for a couple of weeks to drop onto my PBase site more pics of the birds I shot at Beaudette Park in Pontiac (Oakland County, Michigan).

I was honored to be asked by a local minister who is working with the Friends of the Pontiac Parks Association (URL is to their Facebook site - it is really great that a group is taking on the task to make Pontiac Parks more accessible and valued!)  to prepare signage to cover the boards at the entrance kiosk to Beaudette with posters including the birds of the park. She had searched the internet about Dawson's Mill Pond or Beaudette Park and found a blog I wrote some time ago.

Hence, you see the assignment that triggered my last blog ... I wanted a total of all birds that have been recorded there to accompany my text.

I put together some slides to add to her presentation to the City of Pontiac that included answers to her questions. Mind you, it was extremely hard for a person who "rambles" to be "short and sweet" with more "word sound bites" than being able to fully express my delight in this place!!! But I think (and she said so) that I passed along what was needed.

She will use my words and many of my pics (I put candidate pics on PBase) to pass along to Staples who will be making the signage for free. (Kudos to Staples!!!) I am not sure at this point how much artistic control I have over the outcome, but it will certainly be better than the present bare particle board. And, most importantly, I am very happy that the birds of this very special place - along with basic birding info - will be shown to the public as a major feature of the park!!! 

Here I include only my slides extracted from her PowerPoint presentation. But, it was very interesting to see the history of Dawson's Mill Pond (the special impoundment at Beaudette) on her other slides. I know her research continues. And, it was especially interesting because we live along the Clinton River a few miles downstream from the dam. I never knew the history before.

I hope my words do justice to what birders might want to show to the general public. I know they are far from complete (geez, it is SO hard not to "ramble"!), but I think I caught the essence.

Please check out my pics on PBase (hyperlinked above) to see what they are working with. 

I would appreciate comments please. It is a great place to watch birds - especially in winter and during spring migration!

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R Gay said...

Dr. Bob. working on a historical sign for Pontiac on the Beaudette family. would like to include a pic or two of the park. this is for motorcities national heritage area, part of national park service:
any problem with using one of your pix with attribution to you?