Thursday, February 28, 2013

Registration now open for Biggest Week in American Birding

Hey! This is the first time I can use this special "badge"! SO COOL!!!

Note: I am copying here an e-mail I sent to the se-Michigan Birder's list just now. The "Birder's list" has been a continual inspiration and a huge source of information and friendship for me since I discovered it relatively early (Thank God!) in my newly found fascination and passion for learning the birds I see and shoot with my camera. I suspect anyone will find local resources to do the same for y'all! I just wanted to give all my local birding buddies a "heads up"!

And ... if anyone wants to see a fantastic example of a compendium of local birding knowledge in one place, I suggest you check out the amazing site Bruce Bowman put together for us in Michigan!!!


Registration opened today for The Biggest Week in American Birding. Hey! Click on the links at top and on the sides to see the offerings! This is really a BIG week for birders!!!

This is in the northwest Ohio area with Magee Marsh (formerly Crane Creek) and surrounds during migration. It runs from May 3-12. Think Spring! Think warblers!!!

As a relatively newbie birder, and one who hates crowds, Judy and I planned our first year to avoid the Biggest Week. It was fine –we saw lots of birds and I added a number of birds to my life list. The following year, we went before and during the Biggest Week. The difference was huge! Yes, during the week itself, there were lots of birders and the boardwalk was crowded sometimes, but also lots of guides (international birding trip leaders) were on the boardwalk. And there were lots of eyes of folks looking and pointing and saying “it is there”, and many asking “what is it?” And, always there was someone with years/decades of experience to answer the “Whazzat” part!!! And just in general the camaraderie was incredible! What an amazing group birders are! Everyone is accepted, and everyone helps!!!

Judy and I cannot afford to travel widely, but for us in southeast Michigan, it is an easy day trip! (Though you will want to spend more time there …)

Each year we never seemed to have enough time to explore all of the wonderful sites in the area. Besides Magee Marsh, we love the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and Metzger Marsh and so many more. And be sure to stop at the Black Swamp Bird Observatory (BSBO) enroute to Magee Marsh – they are the sponsors and always something is “happening” there! Oh … so many possibilities!!!

This year I was SO amazingly honored to become part of the 2013 Biggest Week Blogger Team!

I don’t really know why, but I suspect some like my “rambles” and enthusiasm. There are three birders from our se-Michigan Birder’s list on the team! Cool! I DO know that the honor will force me to actually DO something rather than just taking from and not giving back more to the birding community! Stay tuned and let me know …. And, yes, I indeed know I am but a fledgling in the birding community, but with the continuing support I get from y’all, I just might learn to fly!

I also suggest you check out the links to other bloggers. They all have great bird stories to tell. You might just want to tag a few as favorites to follow!

But the MAIN REASON for the post tonight is to let y’all know that registration is now open!!! I saw a note from Kim Kaufman tonight that in the first two hours after registration was open today, over 200 birders registered! What that tells y’all is that if you want to reserve a spot for special field trips and seminars, you gotta act fast! This is an international event – and it is so close to us!

Check it out!!!

(And, no, you do not have to register to enjoy the event … you just gotta go there! And, probably, like us, you will schedule more days each year to see migration at its best!) There are several sites you can follow once the event gets near. I will be posting them on my blog.)

GO BIRD! And – as BSBO says it – “Birds Rule!”

 “Dr. Bob”

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