Monday, January 14, 2013

No, no, no, no ... and, Yes: a "Tale of Two Fishers"

NO: On Thursday, Judy and I went to Port Huron to get our Long-tailed Ducks for the year. It was a very pleasant sunny day at circa 40 degrees with no wind. Too pleasant! Yes, we did get the long-tails, but they were on the Canadian side (a few) or out in Lake Huron. There was NO ice on the river or even visible on the lake from there. No other birds than geese, mallards, and gulls. Too nice!

NO: On Friday, we went to Dutton Fields where I suspected to at least document a Horned Lark for the year. The area along the road was totally empty! All of the heavy equipment was gone! All of the rubble piles and stuff the birds used to use as temporary sitting sites were gone! All of the weeds near the road were gone! The entire place was cleaned out and had been graded/flattened near the road. Maybe they intend to sell it? Anyway, I “seeded it” as planned, but without dinky weeds as in past years, I doubt it will draw much. Only bird was a Turkey Vulture overhead.

NO: On Saturday, we went to Ray Twp. (Broughton Rd. and 26 Mile) to see the birds reported on the list. Nothing but crows.

NO: Then we went to Inwood Rd to catch the shrike. Nothing! However the washboard road is much better than in the summer because the constant traffic has filled in the ruts from the farm equipment…

Then, we washed the car.

This lovely weather was “for the birds” – NOT! The weather was for us fair weather birders! Moral – get out when weather is bad, or immediately after someone reports the birds! Darn birdies fly!

On Sunday, we planned to stay home. Judy took her morning walk and came home to tell me of a Belted Kingfisher working the small pond at the entrance to Streamwood. YES!

I put up pics on PBase:

I call my pic a “Tale of Two Fishers”, but it could have just as well been a tale of two birders. Do “previous” to see a better pic by Judy. YES!

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