Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bird and bee - 2012-03-13

Yesterday I saw my first ever Bluebird here at Streamwood – a new record after more than a dozen years! I did get a few pics; they were not great but confirmed a positive ID.

Judy and I had a great walk! Besides the bluebirds, I shot pics of Crocus and Snow Drops. As I was working on the pics tonight (quite fast as I tend to do things …), in one pic, I saw a bee working the Snow Drops. WOW!  It seems really early for bees, but this is a weird winter!
(BTW - I had posted this to a listserv and incorrectly ID'ed the flower as Lily of the Valley - I always really appreciate feedback! Thanks, Joyce!)

Anyway, I think my shot of a Robin is one of my best so I am not embarrassed about posting. It’s different. See:

Do “previous” to see the bee and a few more pics from yesterday.

Gotta love this “winter spring”! This week looks like great weather for birding!

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