Friday, March 5, 2010

Beaudette Park (Dawsons Mill Pond), Oakland County - Winter 2010 sightings

I am making a blog within a blog where I can add bird sightings at Beaudette Park (Dawsons Mill Pond) off Orchard Lake Road near Telegraph Road in Pontiac, Michigan. Judy and I have really enjoyed this park recently. It has open water in winter due to the fact that there is moving water that comes from Sylvan Lake through Dawsons Mill Pond at Beaudette Park, and down a dam into the Clinton River. It is a great place to see "fancy ducks" - the diving ducks - and also potentially three species of swans. I can now just edit this blog with new sightings as we record them. (Thanks to Ed Lewandowski for giving me the idea of a blog within a blog through his blog with birds reported by county by observation!) (You can go see Ed's blog by checking the blogs to which I subscribe).

You can see a Google map for Beaudette at:

4/01/2010 Too nice for ducks
3:00-3:30 pm Sunny, warm
A lovely day, but almost all ducks have left. It is so different than a couple of weeks ago! Several people were fishing today.
Mallards: 2 pair
Wood Ducks: one pair
Kingfisher (got a couple of decent photos)
American Black Duck - 1 female
Mute Swan - 1

3/09/2010 Flying Goldeneyes are in town. Scaup! Scaup!
2:15-3:15 pm, very light overcast, temps in mid-50s!
Judy and I had a wonderful early spring day at Beaudette Park. We saw more wonderful ducks than ever before! Literally hundreds! They blanketed the water in many places! Well maybe not a  blanket, more of a quilt. Please go see my separate blog for this date.

3/04/2010 12:45-1:30 pm, sunny, low 40s
Mallards - abundant, most common
Canvasbacks - lots
Redheads - lots
Goldeneye - many
Bufflehead - a few - both male & female
American Black Duck - 2
Mute Swan - a dozen
Trumpeter Swan - 1
Ring-billed Gulls - 2
Blue Jays - 2
American Crow - 2
Cardinal - 1 female
No "critters" (muskrats) observed today

Beaudette Park was again more interesting. It’s back to what we like to see!
21 Mute Swans
1 Trumpeter Swan (just sitting at the edge of the pond – an outcast no doubt)
Canvasbacks were back (lots)
Redheads (lots)
20 Goldeneye
2 Ring-necked Ducks
6 Hooded Mergansers
Mallards (lots)
Ring-billed Gull (oddly gulls seem to be unusual there)
Wood Duck - 1 female
Canada Geese - 3

Beaudette Park yielded only Mute Swans and Mallards, plus 5 Goldeneyes. Every day the variety diminishes. Yesterday we also saw many Redheads, a few Hooded Mergansers and 2 Black Ducks as well – still nothing like a week ago.

Mute Swans - 18
(no black-billed swans)
Hooded Mergansers - a few
Redheads - many
American Black Ducks - 2
Mallards - lots
Dark-eyed Juncos - 6
American Crows - 5

2/06/2010 3:00-3:20 pm, 24 degrees, medium wind (too freezing to stay out long!), sunny
Canvasbacks - lots
Redhead - several
Mallards - abundant - dominant
Mute Swans - about a dozen
Ring-Necked Ducks - 5 male
Hooded Mergansers - many - male and female
Bufflehead - 1 male
Goldeneye -  a few
American Black Duck - 1
Trumper Swan - one heard trumpeting out of sight around the wooded point
American Crow

See my illustrated blog posted on that date - this was our first visit. It was very exciting to find special birds so close to us in Oakland County! This will probably be our favorite winter "get away" = "staycation"!

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