Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Robert H. Long - a "red headed" day and an Elvis Cormorant

2009-08-12 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Robert H. Long Nature Park

Species list:
Canada Geese
Pied-Billed Grebes
Great Egrets
Mute Swans
Double-Crested Cormorants
Wood Ducks (more than usual)
Red-Winged Blackbirds
Catbird (heard)
Barn Swallows
Red-Headed Woodpecker (!)
Cardinal (heard)
Ring-billed Gull (rare!)
Spotted Sandpiper
Cedar Waxwing
Sparrow with convergent breast spot (ID TBD)

The Red-Headed Woodpecker was wonderful! I think our best pics so far. I need to post a few more.

It was also interesting to process a cormorant pic that I thought looked like Elvis! Well, actually, I guess it is not so hard. There are so many poor Elvis impersonators, that anyone with a pomped-up hairdo might look like this!

I will probably add more pics later, but even if I do not, you have the species list.

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