Monday, July 27, 2009

What I have learned about BlogSpot

We finally saw the Red-Headed Woodpecker today!!! I'll tell the story later.

I am still experimenting with BlogSpot. I have learned that BlogSpot tags each new blog with the posting date, and displays blogs in date order. What this means is: if I try to go back and add blogs discussing dates past, it will tag them with the current (posting) date. And, being somewhat "Monk-ish" by nature (a reference to a cable TV show), this will destroy my perception of the continuity I wish to maintain and display.

So I think that I must post a brief note (any brief note) about what I want to share on or near the date I want to have in the blog-record, then I can go back and edit it and add photos at my leisure and it will still retain the posting date. (So far it seems to work - I have edited blogs posted previously and BlogSpot retains the original posting date.)

At least that is what I have observed.

I should also note that I really enjoy the many birder's blogs that have inspired me to take on the techno-challenge to start and update my own!

So after having said that, I will proceed and talk about our uncommon woodpecker sighting in the next (more recent) blog-world posting.

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